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my niece is a squeaky toy October 2, 2009

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Usually my stories of collisions with kids are of my school teaching days, where I’ve had my leg snotted on, or made a child cry (he was a little LIAR!).

But now, my sisters are popping out babies like the population depends on it, and I have been upgraded from step-aunt to aunt-aunt and I am TERRIFIED. I don’t know what to do with them, except for try to hold them without dropping them, or letting their little heads roll back too much. I hope I don’t make them cry.

My  little baby niece is 3 weeks old. When I held her yesterday, she had the hiccups for almost 15 minutes, and her fat little body bounced every few seconds. I think she wanted to cry some, but kept hiccuping instead.  She reminded me of a pink squeaky toy you throw around with roly poly puppy doggies.  I heart her.


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