Around the World With a Vagabond April 29, 2010

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An exhilarating new venture – an educational travel documentary. Reconnecting the continents.


Baby Logan

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First he just sits there, seemingly dormant.  Then slowly, slowly, slowly balloons.  A swirl, a fist, a little foot print from deep under. He is little, but he is moving.  Much like Alien, it seems to me – mother to none, but still fascinated to watch – already loving so much a person who is not quite a person yet.

I jumped and shrieked when I heard his little heart beat-beat-beating, rushing to life. Called out and cried happy tears when he kicked (or punched) my palm. Maybe he even head-butted me, the little punk. I bet he did. Full-on, just like my sister.

For now, we are still waiting . . . . . waiting . . . . . .. waiting.

He’ll be here when he is ready. Whenever that time is, he is going to make so many people happy.

I hope I make him happy too.