Around the World With a Vagabond

About Vagabond October 18, 2010

Many of my stories are about unfortunate things happening to me when I am overseas.


If my adventurous or accidental travels sometimes sound just awful – well, some of them might have been at the time.  But I soon laughed at them.  And I am still laughing, hence the posts.  Things going wrong are a part of traveling.  Some of these things are funny enough to share.


Please don’t feel bad, or do anything but laugh at the hardships in my posts that may come across as really a downer.  It’s okay! I made it! 🙂   Really.  The bad situations are so ridiculous, and often avoidable, but they still happen.  What can I do but laugh?


The truth is, many of my stories are cut from some of the most memorable moments in my life, just not every one of those moments has been scripted for this blog. Maybe I’ll start another blog about all of the super awesome things I’ve seen and people I’ve met, but I don’t think it’d be nearly as entertaining.


A really depressing story that I did not find funny I would not publish, so no one would ever know. Except for you, mom. You’ll probably get a phone call. 🙂



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