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A Success Story February 24, 2011

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Today I accomplished the laundry.  This is a huge feat for me. There are so many steps! I end up losing interest half-way through the process and then don’t finish the laundry for days.


Last week, in another botched attempt at good house keeping, I washed the bed sheets.  The sheets were hung out to dry in the warm wind for a while, and then I tumbled them up and threw them in our room to land wherever they might fall. That’s as far as I was willing to go to finish the laundry.


Later, Chris began to finish the cleaning that I had abandoned. He opened up the bundle of clean sheets and as he did, about two shovels-full of twigs and sticks and leaves and dirt drifted off the sheets and onto our carpet.  Parts of the twigs and dirt still clung to the bed sheet. One twig was almost an entire flowering branch.


“What’s happened?” he asked me.


Blank-faced, I looked at the dirt and twigs on our bedroom floor and the plant stuck to the bed sheet.


“I cleaned them for you.”


I like to think the look he gave me as one of amusement, but it was probably more a mix of confusion and disapproval with my explanation.


“There’s plants and a bush near where I hung them to dry. The wind probably blew the sheets into them.”


He looked at me. In his head were probably thoughts of frustration, but Chris is very good about keeping these kinds of thoughts quiet.


“What?” I say. He can’t understand how I didn’t notice that I had grabbed parts of the outside lawn and brought them in with our clean laundry.  I guess he has a valid point.


Chris proceeded to take the twiggy bed sheets outside and give them a good shaking. Then he came back in and folded all of the sheets neatly and put them away. Then he got out the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up all the dirt from the carpet, and then put the vacuum away.  He then made the bed, hung some lights, and cleaned up the dresser.


How did I help? I laughed with my housemate about the dirt on the bed sheets, and then had some coffee.


He probably wonders all the time why I can’t manage to finish simple tasks.  Or to not muck up the simple things.


But today, I did the laundry. I did every step and I didn’t get distracted by 8 different things along the way, even though the sun was out and the dogs were playful.  And I didn’t bring in dirt and plant-parts with the clean clothes, either!


Yep.  Today, laundry day, was a success!


. . . . . . . . I know. My life is sad.