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Go Pack Go! February 7, 2011

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I had grand designs for a far more articulate post today; however, I had forgotten about Superbowl Sunday. In Australia, this holiday becomes Superbowl Monday.


For my Monday, I had planned to do the following:


1. Meet a few other ex-pats for a little bit of sport at the local American restaurant at about 9:30am.


2. Head out to run errands and buy vegetables.


3. Buy a bucket for the mop.


4. Mop.


I was successful in completing number 1; however, that is all that was successful today.


That, and the Packers won the Superbowl.


It’s nearly 11pm now, and I am just now home.


I blame the Packers for my failure to complete the 2 – 4 on my list.


I also blame them for this poorly framed photo of task number 1:



Hurray for Superbowl Mondays.