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My Kitchen Table February 17, 2011

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Today I am sharing the contents of my kitchen table.


I live in a shared house, and a random and bizarre assortment of items in the kitchen is a normal feature.  I think it was the chicken necks that made me think that perhaps this was blog-worthy, especially since 1 ½ of us are vegetarians.


The thing about shared housing, is that you never know what is whose, or where they are to ask about these items, or if they need it – so items such as these are always here, and will likely remain, even if we have guests over.


Not sure what these are?  Here’s a concise list:


  • A serving bowl of apples and oranges.  Not too strange.
  • A fruitbowl full of tomatoes, some from the garden, some from the shop.  Because tomatoes are fruits too.
  • An “Easiyo” canister of home-made yogurt in the making.
  • A cuticle and nail care kit. (for mid-dinner-making fingernail emergencies)
  • Garlic escaping.
  • House keys – placed exactly where I probably won’t remember to look for them.
  • A rotting lime. (mine?)
  • A fat blue permanent marker. I live with teachers, and they probably stole this.
  • Cayenne pepper – the lone spice without a rack.
  • Chicken Necks. Yep. . . . .in tupperware.  Maybe for the dogs? They have been there for 3 days.
  • Green skull sunglasses that have rapid blinking green lights to be switched on. It has multiple settings and speeds. They have been there since New Year’s Eve.  (What is today?)
  • My earrings.
  • A birthday card from weeks ago.  Happy Birthday.  🙂