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Saturday’s Highlights February 19, 2011

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Today was a day of online meetings, polar bear greetings, and a swag roll competition.


The first failed, due to a technical glitch, but an organized meeting on a Saturday was inevitably doomed anyway.


The polar bear was dancing in the sun and passing out chocolate coins at an expo.  I gave him a hug.  That’s what you’re meant to do with dancing polar bears, right?  A big bear hug.


The swag roll competition went like this:  whoever could pull on pajama bottoms, unfasten, unroll, and unzip a swag, get in, lie down, then jump out and re-zip, re-roll, and re-fasten the swag the fastest won a wine tour.


When the countdown started, I went for it. . .the fastest time was 19.something, and I did it in 23.something else.  Second place, and 4 seconds from winning!! So close!


And those are the highlights of my Saturday.