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True Grit February 3, 2011

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I’m not one to write reviews, and this one probably will be too poorly written to even count, but the film True Grit is worth a shot.  Even though this film has been out in the States for some time, it has only just hit the cinema in Australia.


A cowboy movie by the Cohen brothers I was just sure would be quality – the boyfriend wasn’t so sure.  And when the movie finished and the credits rolled, Chris looked over at me and said, “Can I have my $20 back?”


WHAT?! Wait.  Just wait. Something must have been lost in translation here.  True Grit is awesome!  The witty dialogue, the cleverly written characters, the dusty, wild, wild-west town – I thought it was brilliant!


Even if Matt Damon did play a main character.  Ever since Team America, I can never picture Matt Damon without this playing out in my mind:


Sorry Matt.


Even though Cowboy Matt was all Texas-Ranger-ed up, it was the swarthy, dirty, hardened Rooster Coburg that did it for me. He is all man.  In fact, if Jeff Bridges’ character was about 10 years younger and 30 (40) pounds lighter, he’d almost be as hot as Captain Jack Sparrow. Almost.


Aside from the cowboys in the film, I now have a new hero.  Mattie Ross was as strong as she was articulate, and clever as she was stubborn.  She set out to shoot down the man who killed her pa, deterred by no one. My favorite scene was she rode Little Blackie straight across the river. What a tough cookie.


That river scene made me wish I could do that! Gallop a beautiful black horse straight through a river! I don’t think I could though. I would probably be washed away because rapid rivers scare me and I tend to panic and splash. The horse would make it just fine.


A couple months ago I went horseback riding. I couldn’t wait, and was so excited, but when the time came to mount my large horse, I started to feel nervous. So nervous, that my legs were actually shaking.  Then as I sat on the horse with my reins in hand and riding boots on, shaking, I remembered that horses can sense a rider’s nervousness. So then I started to be nervous that the horse would sense my nervousness and then the horse would get nervous and then I would have to abandon my horseback riding.


No, I don’t think I could charge a horse straight across a river like Mattie, only to suffer cold snow, poisonous snakes and Cowboy Matt’s stupid one-liners. (What’s the matter? Sun in your eyes?  I mean . . . . your eye?)


Nope. I am happy to watch and admire Mattie from my cinema seat, as well as the macho antics of the dusty cowboys.


So, I guess that’s as good as my review gets – which, let’s be honest, is pretty crap.


Despite what the Australians think of American wild west films, I just loved True Grit.  But I can’t really help it. Nashville is in my blood, and I’m always gonna love them cowboys.